15 Facts About Me

Hey guys! This is a special post for me, because it’s a birthday post. Today is my 15th birthday! I realized that I haven’t properly introduced myself to all of you, and today is the perfect day for that! So here are 15 fun facts about me! Some of these are really random! My favorite … More 15 Facts About Me

Mystery Blogger Award

I can’t believe I’m already getting nominated for another one of these. This time, I was nominated by Ebullience Blog. I discovered the blog only a month back. Their writing is truly amazing. They cover some amazing topics, and I encourage all of you to check out their blog. We both also recently did a … More Mystery Blogger Award

Judging People By Appearance: Why | Collab with Ebullience

Hey guys! Today, we will be talking about judging people by appearance. This post is actually part 1 of a special collab with Ebullience. This blog post will delve into why it happens. However, I strongly encourage you to also check out the post on their blog which will discuss the effects on judging people … More Judging People By Appearance: Why | Collab with Ebullience