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An Unfictitious World

Jumping through the portalIt’s a feeling like no otherMy imagination just runs wildIn a world that’s filled with color Their shoes are fitted for my feetThe mess of my room begins to fadeMy adventure is waiting for meIn this universe newly made The words turn into picturesJust as the minutes bleed into hoursThese pages draw … More An Unfictitious World

Why Sleep Is Important

A lot of my friends complain that they don’t get enough sleep. Many of them have even set a resolution to get more sleep better. Whether its 5 hours, 3 hours, or no sleep at all, this is a very common issue among many teens. They view sleep as a luxury when it really is … More Why Sleep Is Important

Dear 2021

Dear, 2021 I wanted to write a letter to you this year which I would give once 2020 is gone. I’m sure that it’s never felt so good to end a year like this. However, questions must be looming of what 2021 will really be like. I know how much you are dreading it. 2020 … More Dear 2021

2020’s 20 Takeaways

2020 has brought many things to light. Although this year has been a very chaotic one, I don’t know if I would have it any other way. The craziness that the past 12 months have put us through has truly conveyed important life lessons to me. These lessons are something that I will never forget. … More 2020’s 20 Takeaways


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About Me

Hi, I’m Anushka. A teen in high school who is so excited to get to know you guys. I spend most of my time reading, playing video games, and doing photography.

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