My Thoughts on Sharing Notes

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Hey guys! It’s been a while since I published one of these. So I recently created a reel on my Instagram about sharing study materials and I realize that many people have different opinions on this. My opinions are a bit more nuanced than they come across in that reel. So today, I will be explaining my thoughts on sharing notes!

I actually share my notes all the time. Sharing my in-class notes are fine. If they’re putting in the effort and are really trying, they must genuinely be struggling, and I am more than happy to let them see or borrow my notes. It’s important to be able to collaborate with others like that. If I put the same amount of time and energy into my classes as they are, I feel really bad if I’m getting better results than they are. Bottom line: I really enjoy studying with people who match my intellect and/or passion for learning so if they want notes or to study together I’m fine. Also, I pretty much share my class notes with everyone. It’s my study materials in which I pour hours into making outside the classroom. It’s these items I share with only few people.

There are many reasons why I don’t share my notes with the entire class. One of them is the fact that people looking at my notes makes them think I’m smart, and as weird as this sounds, I don’t like coming off as smart because it leads them to judge and make a bunch of incorrect assumptions about me. Even if they already “know that I’m smart,” it still is better that they aren’t constantly reminded. I hope this makes sense and that I don’t come off as arrogant or pretentious.

Now, the main reason for why I don’t like sharing notes: getting taken advantage of. When I was in middle school, I was very open with my notes. Most kids were impressed by my notes and always were grateful. And as someone who didn’t have very many friends at the time, I was extremely happy that people appreciated me and my effort. However, one week before finals, my notebook went missing. Later, I ended up finding out that a kid had stolen my notebook. Thankfully, I had gotten it back. Being honest though, that event wasn’t the only factor. There were kids who also asked to copy my notes at least twice a week at that point. Plus, other than that, none of them even talked or interacted with me until they needed notes.

Now, I think that keeping your notes to yourself is not selfish at all. If you poured a lot of work into creating your notes, you have the right not to simply give it away for free.

What do you guys think? Be sure to check out my Instagram! I post a lot of fun content on there as well! Hopefully, you’re all doing well.

Your sincere writer and confidante,

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