15 Reasons Why Photography is an Amazing Hobby

I love to use my phone camera. Ask any of my family members and they will tell you how I annoyingly pull my phone out at every moment to photograph or video them. But that was casual. As I started my blog and my Instagram, I started to get more involved in photography. And it is a safe to say that I have developed a great love for the art. Here are some reasons why photography makes a great hobby:

  • Photography helps you capture specific memories.
  • Photography is expressive.
  • You don’t need specific education to enjoy photography.
  • You can get better at photography over time. You don’t need a college education to be decent at photography.
  • Photography teaches you to be open-minded.
  • Photography teaches you to see the meaning behind seemingly insignificant things.
  • Anyone can start taking up photography.
  • Photography can motivate you to go outside way more often.
  • You are limited to your own imagination. You have complete creative freedom.
  • For those of you who are more STEM-oriented, there is a certain mathematical and scientific aspect to photography which is really fun to explore.
  • Photography can be a good challenge for you.
  • Starting photography is relatively inexpensive. (Keyword: starting)
  • Photography is fun to learn.
  • Photography can be relaxing.
  • You can be inspired by your own photography.

Those are 15 reasons why photography is a great hobby. Comment below! Have you done photography and do you enjoy it? Thank you for reading this! Happy February!

Your sincere writer and confidante,

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