5 Sayings To Get You Through Finals

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Hey guys! I’m sure we are all excited for winter break! But along with winter break comes the dreaded final exams. I know that all of you will be working hard to study, but I wanted to quickly give everyone some advice/mantras they can remember as they study. Repeat these throughout your studying and before you take your exams. Maybe they can calm you down. So here are some sayings to keep you going throughout finals week:

You got this.

I wanted to put this one on here because it is a simple but powerful thing to say. As cliche as it may sound, telling yourself that you can do something is very uplifting and can motivate you even through tough situations. These 3 simple words help me greatly before a stressful exam.

I am calm and confident.

It’s important to be both of these things before a test. Otherwise, it is likely that you may not think straight during the test, and you may end up getting confused. Saying this can actually make you more relaxed before the test. Try taking a few deep breaths as well.

I am a good student.

You need to be convinced of the work you put behind your exam. If you put the effort behind this exam, then the results will certainly show that.

I am prepared for this exam.

You have worked hard to study for this exam. Your hard work will pay off.

I am more than a simple test score.

This is really important to everyone reading this. This is one test. You will be offered other chances to improve. Continue to put effort behind studying but remember that there are other things that make you an amazing person. Your grades don’t define you.

That’s it! I hope these sayings can help you. Break is right around the corner so just hold out a little bit longer! Good luck on your exams!

Your sincere friend and confidante,


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