What To Be Thankful For In 2020

Hey guys! Thanksgiving is finally here. And 2020 was a definitely a rollercoaster of a year. As a result, it may be hard to remember all of the things we have to be thankful for. So, I felt like I should share some of the things I’m thankful for:

1. Time For Me

This quarantine really gave me an opportunity to take time for myself. Although it had its many negatives, I’m grateful for the time it gave me to organize my life and self-improve.

2. Family

Without them, I don’t think I would have survived this year at all. They gave me the best company I could ask for. Although things got tense at times, I love my parents and sister so much.

3. True Friends

The quarantine really told me where my true friends were. I also am thankful for the new friends I’ve been able to form.

4. Safety/Health

This situation has made me realize the importance of health. Access to food, water, and a home is something I will forever be grateful for. But especially this year, health and safety have definitely become more significant.

5. This Platform

I really started using my blog to express opinions this year. Everyone has been so supportive, and I’m thankful for all of you. It’s kinda crazy that you guys care enough to read about what some random teen on the Internet has to say.

That was my list of some things I am thankful for. Comment some of the things you are thankful for in the comment section below. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Your sincere writer and confidante,


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