Reasons Why Fall Is An Amazing Time Of Year

Hey guys! It’s finally time for autumn! I personally believe that fall is not just a normal season. It is a special time of the year that fills the air with joy and warmth (haha the irony). Here are the reasons why fall is one of the best seasons:

The Weather

This is undoubtedly one of the best reasons to love fall!! Summer where I live is practically the equivalent of being boiled alive. Spring is only slightly cooler than summer. Winter is soo cold for me. Fall is the time where the weather is just absolutely perfect! You can literally wear anything and everything without being too cold or too hot!

Holiday Season Right Around The Corner

Who doesn’t love fall break! This is the first major break we get from school. This gets us in the perfect mood for relaxing. Halloween (although it’s different this year) is always a blast. Thanksgiving can be really chaotic and fun. Plus, this really sets up for the fun in winter. Most of the Christmas setup starts in fall!!

Decorations & Best Time to Shop

Fall is the time where I start seeing lights outside every restaurant and store. And I honestly think that it adds so much character and fun to these places. I absolutely love it. Plus, no one can forget about Black Friday. Stores put some of their best stuff on sale which is really exciting (despite the chaos it brings). But the absolute best thing is… REALLY GOOD SMELLING CANDLES. The candle stores start putting out those amazing seasonal candles. Who doesn’t love these!

Who else is excited for fall? This was a quick post for you guys! I hope you enjoyed this. Thanks for reading and happy autumn!

Your sincere writer and confidante,

Anushka 🙂

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