10 Deep Thinking/Philosophical Questions

Hey guys! I’m sure many of you have indulged yourselves in questions that can never be answered. I have personally always enjoyed philosophical discussions and deep conversations. Unfortunately, most of my friends IRL aren’t that type. So I hope I can share some of the random questions that I think about with you guys. And who knows? Maybe you guys can find the answers to the questions that persist in my head. So without further ado, here are 10 questions that can spark deep conversation:

  • Are negative emotions like sadness, jealousy, and anger needed? If yes, to what extent are they healthy?
  • Should people compare themselves to others?
  • What would it be like in a world without hardships?
  • Does everything happen for a reason or do we just adapt to everything life throws at us?
  • What is true authenticity in terms of people? Could it be bad?
  • Do our dreams have any true meaning?
  • If nobody will remember me in 300 years, do we even matter?
  • Is there something we are wasting our potential on? If so, what and how are we wasting potential?
  • Does it bother you that every feeling that you experience can be simply explained as chemicals produced by your body?
  • In the past, beliefs we thought were correct have been proven incorrect. Which of our beliefs will be frowned upon in the future?

I hope you guys enjoy these questions. Comment other questions that you frequently think about. That is all for this week! Thanks for reading and have a happy October.

Your sincere writer and confidante,


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