Why Self Improvement Is Tricky

Hey guys! Welcome back to my blog! Today, I’m going to talk about self improvement and why it’s a complex topic.

If you look at self-improvement for what it’s supposed to be, it’s very straightforward but extremely motivating. The idea that we can work on becoming a better version of ourselves is something that many of us want to believe and experience. We are told that anything is possible if we set our minds to it. This can really inspire people, and most people are eager to improve. However, people learn to implement it very differently. Here are the types of ways I see people try to better themselves:

Being Idealistic

First, I see the people who have unrealistically high expectations. They want to push themselves and work hard to reach a goal that is practically unattainable. And then when they don’t reach, they take it like a punch to the gut. Like of course, you didn’t reach your goal! You’ve just started. I also see a lot of people develop a case of imposter syndrome when it comes to reaching their goals. For example, if your goal is to get a B in your math class, you start studying hard. You go for tutoring, you ask questions, and do everything you can to get that B. Your progress report comes out, and you get your B. That’s amazing, right? Well, your mind turns to the fact that a B isn’t an A. Even though you achieved your goal, you are not sure that it was enough and downplay that success. This is imposter syndrome. People keep on looking for the next goal or thing, but in doing so, they forget the progress they’ve made and how far they’ve come. For them, it’s not okay to feel satisfaction. Any sense of satisfaction will lead to laziness. This mindset can become really toxic real fast. If anyone you know does this, please encourage them to take a step back.

Comparing Yourself To Others

In my eyes, this can become really unhealthy extremely quickly. It’s good to be inspired by someone. If a person is motivating you to become better, then that’s great. What is absolutely NOT good is looking at it as a competition. When a person gets so caught up in what/how others are doing, they forget if they are doing something out of passion or if they’re doing it to be “better”. If everyone compared their sets of skills to each other, every industry would have like one or two people. If you think you are being inspired by other people, ask yourself if this person is the primary motivation. You should want to develop your skills out of your own will. Also, remember that everyone has their own variable affecting them.

Becoming Cocky

However, there are 2 sides to this coin. While it is often true that people associate their failures with their worth, it is also pretty common to see people push themselves, succeed and not care anywhere. Don’t get me wrong! You should take breaks, but you shouldn’t stop trying to continue improving yourself. For these people, once they earn achievements, it leads to them getting so absorbed by these accomplishments that they think that it puts them above everyone else. It just comes down to being aware. Be proud of your achievements, but don’t link it to your value, and you should be fine!

This post might come off as if I’m an expert, but I’m really not. This was just what I’ve seen and what I believe. I hope you guys found this relatable and true. Please follow my blog for more. I post every week. Thanks for reading!

Your sincere writer and confidante,


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  1. This is so interesting Anushka! Right now in English we are learning about platonic conception, as it relates to The Great Gatsby. This piece ties in great with that and is really thought provoking! Thanks for sharing💓

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