Why Forming Friendships Is Complicated

Friendship seems like a simple concept. At a glance, it is just a matter of being nice to each other. If someone isn’t mean, you guys can easily be friends. However, in high school and the years leading up to it, forming friends almost becomes a mind game. There are many different reasons that making friends becomes complicated. Here are a few that stand out to me.

Friend Groups

By high school, there are surely many different social cliques that have been formed, especially if you go to a high school that includes junior high grades as well. Friend groups can make a teen feel like other people are “off the market” and not available for friendships.

“I Am Weird” Mindset

Why would anyone want to be friends with me? I’m probably annoying them. If they wanted to be friends with me, they would approach me first. This kind of thinking is very mentally straining for us. We need to be “worthy” of their friendship. We feel the need to find out what is “wrong” with us.

Trust Issues

These typically show up after we make friends. Especially if you have only a couple of friends, this is a real problem. We (at least I do) wonder why we have only a couple of friends. This leads to you questioning your own personality as well as your friends’ intentions. Do they really think we’re cool or are they just trying to be nice?

Don’t Know Where To Start

How do we introduce ourselves? How do I make a good first impression without coming off as too serious? First of all, mustering the courage to approach your potential friend is SO hard. We don’t want to waste their time, and we end up spending so much energy on where to begin.

Thank you for reading this! Hope you found this relatable! Do you have trouble making friends? Hope you all are doing well!

Your sincere writer and confidante,


9 responses to “Why Forming Friendships Is Complicated”

  1. I loved this post and it was very helpful!!!! I would love for you to check out my blog and follow me at https://whisperingbutterfly.blogspot.com/?m=1

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    1. Oooo! Will do!

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  2. I don’t find making friends ‘hard’ particularly. Although the trust part is where I struggle most. In the US it seems groups of friends are more set in stone than they are in the UK. There are lots of people who drift between groups which is totally okay! I have about 5 friends, but we’re not grouped together. Some of them would not get along with each other! As a teenager you’ve just got to be okay with friendships changing all the time. Such a relatable post! x

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    1. That’s totally true!!

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  4. This is THE most relatable post I’ve read in a while. I definitely not feeling worth – even with my closest friends! High school friendships and made way more complex than they need to be. Anyway, truly loved this post!!!💓

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  5. Loved this post Anushka! Everything you said is so true and helpful! And honestly, friend groups and cliques are wayyy too confusing!

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