A Rant About Overthinking

This rant is something I wrote a year back. I hope you find this relatable and enjoy!

Dear overthinking,

Why? Just why? What did the world do to deserve you? For a long time, I thought it was just me. It took me a long time to figure out that you are a headache that occurs to everyone. And even that assurance can’t get rid of you. Why can’t I get rid of you? From the wrong answers on those tests to the sleepless nights. From the endless scenarios you create in our head to the secrets that you pressure us to keep. We are sat in front of a button that inflicts pain and stress once pressed. And we know not to push it. But what do you? You come in and manage to force us to press that button, convincing that we can expect a different result. But in reality, those feelings just get repeated over and over, making us lose our minds. You are getting away with all of it. And you know that. People see merely a figment of your power and forget all the damage that you have actually caused. Because while you may seem to simply be a nuisance, you know you are partially responsible for the social anxiety that plagues teens everywhere. You whisper it in our ears. You repeat them again and again.

Don’t you think that’s weird?

What will people say?

You think that will actually work?!

What about your awkwardness?

You know. You know the words you say stick with us. You know the effect you have on people. You know the imaginary audience you have made for us. You know you have ruined possible friendships. You know that you have created an imaginary world where every single habit, gesture, word, and action is under constant scrutiny around us.

It is clear that you won’t stop. You are relentless and firm in your pursuit of causing suffering. It seems that the teens are the ones who need to draw the lines and tell you to stop. Many (including I) have tried and failed, but mark my words. We will not stop. We will continue even as your voice gets louder. And one day, we will stop you. Let this letter be a warning and hopefully an example.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading this rant, and feel free to join it in the comments. Please subscribe for more teenage life blog posts. Continue to stay safe!

Your sincere writer and confidante,


3 responses to “A Rant About Overthinking”

  1. […] Have you ever repeated a conversation in your head? Maybe even acted out? I definitely have. I always put my analytic skills to full power and spend way too much energy overanalyzing a conversation. Things like tone, body language, smiles, etc are some of the things I think about when thinking back to social interactions I’ve had throughout the day. Sometimes, if I get the slightest hint that someone doesn’t enjoy talking to me (even if it’s completely miniscule), my mind goes into a spiral. This leads to my overthinking status. If you want to hear a good rant about overthinking, I recommend checking out this post. […]


  2. i relate a lot to this :(( i’m a big overthinker and in lockdown this has caused me to have a fair few breakdowns, more than I am used to! you’re not alone in the world lovely xxx
    mills 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww thanks!


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