Volunteering Update

So it’s been a while since I posted about volunteering activities. That is mainly because the coronavirus had led to the memory care shutting their doors to outside visitors. I totally respect their decision, and they’re doing the right thing. However, there have been so many crazy things that have happened to me in the past couple of months. So, here is a quick volunteering update for you guys.

San Tan News (TWICE!)

We were able to be featured in our local newspaper. The interviewer came and asked us questions about what we do. If you want to, read more about our most recent appearance here on page 36.

Met with the mayor!

We met with Mr. Hartke, the Arizona mayor. He was receptive to our volunteering project and gave us a lot of feedback. You can see the picture we took with him in the newspaper article above.

Local ABC News

Since we couldn’t go to the memory care, we took on a fundraiser where we collect school and art supplies and donate them to needy children, so they can continue learning during this pandemic. You can watch and read about it here.

Bunch of Interviews To Come!

We also just completed a bunch of new interviews, including a radio broadcast over the phone! Tell me if you want to here about those!

Want to hear more about my teen life or how my teen life is like in general?

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