My COVID 19 Schedule

Due to the coronavirus, all of our schools have been cancelled. And it’s kind of been shocking for us. There are many times where I didn’t want to go to school or wish we had snow days in Chandler (never gonna happen… too hot!) or wanted to do home/online school. And then the coronavirus made it happen. And honestly, I didn’t realize how much I loved going to school until now. I miss seeing my teachers and friends. The fact that we may not go back for the rest of the year is honestly pretty sad.

Regardless, in light of this new widespread disease, many of us are struggling to fill the time. After a week of doing this, I have devised a schedule that keeps me (and hopefully others) alive during this time. I hope this helps you.

8-9 am: Wake up and freshen up

This is pretty similar to a standard day. When I tell people that I wake up at 8, they are really surprised, because most people seize the opportunity to wake up late. However, my online classes are in the morning, so I have to fit my schedule around that. Yet, I think waking up at 8 is one way to make the most of my day.

9-12 pm: Online learning

I currently use Microsoft Teams. Only a couple of my teachers do live streams. The rest is to complete actual assignments. No need to worry. I am not talking about 3 straight hours of work with nothing but a cup of coffee by your side. I do have a study schedule that includes breaks. But getting all my work done early on leaves me with a good feeling for the rest of the day.

12-1 pm: Lunch

Because I now need less energy to go about my day, lunch is normally some quick microwave lunch like some noodles. Frozen food is great, because it’s easy to make and lasts longer. I would highly recommend eating frozen food .

1-3 pm: Free time

Use this to do something relaxing that will make you happy. Go for a walk. Play a game. Just don’t do anything super stressful. Even if it’s just sitting on your couch scrolling through YouTube or Instagram.

3-4 pm: Try something new

We have all wanted to do something but never had the chance because of how busy we were. Now is the chance to do those. I learned magic tricks with cards. But there are so many things you can try. This keeps your life interesting. Solve a Rubik’s cube. Learn to paint or sketch.

4-5 pm: Family time

One of the greatest things that have come out of this is a chance to spend time with our family. Most of the time, we are too busy to spend even a couple minutes with them. Play a family game. Have a conversation. Wisely take this opportunity before it’s gone.

5-6 pm: Stay fit

Now that we are all stuck at home, we are losing a bunch of the exercise that we would otherwise attain naturally. There are so many workout videos on YouTube. It is so simple and convenient. You don’t have to do this for an hour. Just 30 minutes is enough.

6-8 pm: Movie Night

Scroll for some good movies and get some pizza or any dinner you would like. Nothing else needs to be said.

8-10 pm: Virtual Hangout

The worst thing about quarantine is not being able to meet our friends. So do the next best thing. A video chat with friends sounds really lame but can be super fun. You can talk, play video games, or even watch TV together virtually.

Hope you have a fun quarantine. Feel free to message me in your free time. I have a lot of free time.

Your fellow teen,

Anushka Agrawal

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