Why You Should Read Books On Your Own

When it comes to reading, most people only do it for their English class. We read a couple of books throughout the year for school and write essays for them. This is our reading quota fulfilled. What most people don’t realize is that reading is actually a great thing to do in your spare time. Picking up a book can do so many things for you.

Better Grades

Recently, I have started to read books before I go to bed. The impact that it had on my grade is huge. My English grade jumped up tremendously. This works, because reading improves your vocabulary, reading comprehension, and analysis skills. It gives you the practice without realizing it!

It’s fun!

The books we read for school are often boring because they were required to read by teachers for educational purposes. Pure reading for enjoyment is a completely different feeling. If you want to check out some good books to read, here are a couple books that I recommended.

Stress busting

When you finish your fist book, you will realize how relaxing it is to read a book. It allows you to escape your reality and enter a new world. They tell captivating stories that make you want to forget about the word outside and immerse yourselves into the universe of the story.

Better Quality of Sleep

Like I said earlier, I read before I go to sleep. This has benefited not only grades but also my sleep quality. It allows you to relax more. It lets your body know that it’s time to wind down for the day.


Before I posted my tips on writing essays, people always asked me how I wrote well. I would always not know the answer. But after thinking it over, I would definitely say that reading has been a big factor. Knowing how different authors write ad how they communicate their ideas is more helpful. It becomes almost second-nature.

Hope you guys enjoy this! Please give me suggestions and follow my blog!

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