5 Studying Problems We Have All Experienced

Studying is obviously a big part of going to school. As much as we find ourselves uninterested by studying, it is also essential to our success, thereby leaving us no choice but to do it. However, there are so many barriers that come up during our study sessions. Here is a list of a few of the common ones. If you want to know how to solve some of these, read my Guide to Grades.

Studying everything

How many of my markers die in a single year…
That over-highlighting life

“Only study important things.” We hear it all the time. But let’s face it. We study everything anyway. Why? I want to answer that question with another question: How do we differentiate between important and unimportant?

The teacher hurls at us a ton of information. We already have to make the difficult decisions of trying to decide what is substantial enough to write down. Then, we have to narrow it down even further by deciding what to highlight. It constantly messes with our brains, and we hate it. In the end, we highlight way too much, and the result is the stress of trying to take on too much information at once.

Not remembering facts

No matter how good your memory may be, memorizing 6-10 months worth of knowledge for at least 6 different subjects is a challenge. All of this information causes our brain to have a meltdown. We forget. We mix things up. We get answers out of nowhere. It is super annoying and we lose our minds to memorize a single thing. And then, we forget another thing and the cycle repeats.

No motivation

Why do we need to do this? Is this really necessary? When will we need this in the real world? There are definitely subjects that we all think as completely useless. We don’t want to learn it, and it doesn’t seem important. We feel that there is no reason to study this subject. Hence, we reach a lack of motivation. We throw aside our work for this subject and spend our time relaxing.

Time Management

There isn’t enough time in this world. We spend 8 hours at school and 8 hours at sleep. That’s more than half of our day gone already! Plus there are other things we do beside school. This leaves barely anytime for studying. We have 6 hours maximum to complete homework and studying for 7 subjects. There are also days where we have a million things due the next day. Well, time to pull another all-nighter. Don’t forget your coffee!

Lack of Understanding

Our teachers teach us a lot of content. We learn one concept for an hour. Then we move onto the next after a day. However, we don’t understand what you taught us the day before, leaving us clueless and not willing to study. After all, we don’t want to just sit there and scratch our heads for an hour while staring at a sheet of paper. On the bright side, this is an easy fix. Thank the Google Gods.

Thanks for reading this! What are other study problems that you run into? Comment below. See you next time.

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