My Experience With Group Chats

Being in high school naturally means I have lots of experience with group chats. My phone is just filled with notifications from group chats. And they have a variety of uses, whether it’s homework help or just keeping in touch. And for the most part, that’s fine! But, there’s always that one group chat (or in my case, multiple!) that has nothing productive and ends up being a burden to everyone who is in it. So let me share my group chat stories.

My current 9th-grade group chat is a great example. Every year, my classmates create a group chat that has around 50+ people for “homework” and “studying”. But if we were all real with ourselves, then it’s basically a place for memes and to pursue student rivalries.

True…is it not?

I see why people thought group chats should exist. But are they supposed to be helpful? However, they aren’t. Actually, they are annoying. You are constantly being attacked by messages that you never asked for. Once, I was woken up by a classmate calling a group chat of 74 people at 1 in the morning. And then after that horrible experience, they continued to chat, leaving me for a sleepless night. You can mute notifications, but finding unread notifications is unsettling.

I hope you enjoyed my little rant!

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