Distractions and How I Deal With Them

Have you ever encountered that feeling of frustration after you once again get sidetracked from homework or something else you were supposed to be working on? It is such a bad feeling! And the worst part is that we have no control over it. We do a chunk of our work and feel like we should take a break. Then, you decide to allocate a 10-minute break that turns into another ” Just one more video ” and “I can do it later.” Before you know it, it’s dinnertime, and you still have piles of work to do. The result? You stay up, dragging on your homework, doing the bare minimum you need to pass. You tell yourself you won’t do it again. But alas, the cycle repeats, leaving us in a constant state of dread. This is how I deal with my distractions.

Have an isolated place to do your work.

You need a special place for studying. Studying in bed tends to make you less focused because beds usually are places of comfort and relaxation. Thus, your brain will get lazier, especially after a long day. Doing work on a sofa while others are doing their own activities isn’t really effective either. People get distracted by what’s going on around them and don’t actively focus on what they need to get done. Create a space that is designed to minimize distractions and allows maximum concentration on what needs to be done. The more concentration you have, the better and faster you will be able to get work done.

Listen to study music

Study music can serve one of two purposes. Studying in complete silence can be very distracting. And if you are anything like me, going at least a half-hour in dead silence is another form of torture. Study music can at least somewhat get rid of that tension. But there can also be that situation of living in a noisy house. Even if your door is closed, your family in the other room has their TV volume loud enough to drive you insane while doing homework. Playing study music in your headphones can block outside noise. Study music can be a great studying mechanism as long as you follow one rule. Your study music MUST be calm and soothing like classical music. Any type of pop, rock, rap, etc can distract you, because you will be more focused on singing along to those tunes.

Limit group study sessions

Keep your group small when it comes to studying. There are certain people who study better with groups, and that’s fine. But too many people in a study session can get you way off track. Most people say that a group of 3-5 people will ensure an efficient study session. However, I personally think studying in pairs is even more efficient, but small groups can be useful as well.

Keep your phone away during homework

This is one of the worst distractions when it comes to getting things done. Social media and online entertainment are probably what causes the biggest and longest distractions. This type of distraction is very tough to get rid of. The way I limit this distraction is to either keep your phone with an adult and ask them to give it once you finish your work OR download an app like Forest, Escape, RescueTime, Freedom, etc to limit your time or let you know how distracted you get.

Take brain breaks

One of the most forgotten distractions is yourself. A lot of work can make you tired and forgetful. Make sure to give yourself a break from time to time. My current schedule is one hour of dedicated studying and a 10-15 minute break. Then, I keep alternating until I finish all of my work for that day. Set something similar that works for you and your study habits.

I hope these tips help you in the long run! Happy studying!

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