Books I Loved

Reading is a great way to wind down. However, finding good books to read is a challenge. Scrolling through books takes a lot of time and effort. People tend to judge the book based on its first chapter. Yet, the first chapter doesn’t contain much plot action. It is mainly introductory. So this is my list of books to read.

1. The Hate U Give – Angie Thomas

A heart-wrenching novel about Starr stuck in the middle of two very different worlds while combating police brutality and racial injustice in society after an event that she will never forget.

2. Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

A college is a place that comes with all of the emotions. A book about dealing with change and stepping outside your comfort zone that captures these emotions of a girl starting this new chapter in her life.

3. Someone Like Me – Julissa Arce

An autobiography of how an illegal immigrant grew up to live her dreams while fighting all of the odds. This follows the story of young Julissa growing up in a world that held many obstacles against her, be it financial or social.

4. They Both Die At The End – Adam Silvera

Everyone is afraid of that word. Death. In this world, two young boys receive the devastating news of imminent death. Living their last day, they spend it together on a journey where they discover the value of living each day like it’s their last.

5. The Unwanteds – Lisa McMann

In the land of Quill, comes Purge Day for Alex. In a society that purges creative teenagers, Alex gets sorted into Unwanteds, a group of young teenagers to be brutally killed due to their artistic tendencies. However, secretly waiting for them is a magical world, preparing to use their talents to fight for their right.

Happy reading!

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