7 Tips To Starting High School

I am now more than halfway through freshman year. As I look back, I realize how I prepared myself and how I could have set up for this year better. I hope to share what I have learned in hopes to benefit all of you. These are also approved by a number of my senior/college friends. Here are ways to prepare for the start of freshman year:

1. Step outside your comfort zone.

Joining high school is similar to starting a blank page. Use it to try something new. This is the year that will be the least stressful, so occupy your time with lots of extracurriculars. Now is the time to find your passions and interests, so that in the future, you can grow and develop the ones you truly enjoy.

2. Get organized!

Your academic success will count the most for the next four years. Set a timetable for studying. Develop a note taking system. Little things like these will help you stay on top of your studies as well as reduce your stress.

3. Don’t procrastinate.

Procrastination will only increase your stress and your final product will be worse than if you had spread it out. The best way to avoid procrastination is to follow tip #2 and be organized. Less procrastination will lead to a better mental state as well as a better quality in the assignments you turn in.

4. Befriend your teachers

You will be spending a lot of time with your teachers. You don’t want to spend an entire year (or more) sitting in a classroom with a teacher who doesn’t like you. Consider them as the best resource that you have. Don’t be afraid to have conversations with them or ask them questions about the teaching content.

5. Pick fun electives

High school will be filled with a lot of stress. Make sure to find some fun classes in which you can relax and have fun. Be it photography, music, drama, or art.

6. Do your homework

No matter how much homework counts in your class, do the homework. It helps you understand the class material better. Plus, a 100% in your homework category can bump up your grade more than you expect it.

7. Have fun

You are essentially starting a new chapter in your lives. Use it to develop lasting friendships and find the things that make you happy. Keep your mind open to trying new things and explore all of your options.

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