Happy New Year! Welcome back to our weekly blog! Don’t forget to subscribe, so you don’t miss any of our projects!

This week, we took on an extremely special project. It was one of the member’s 101st birthday. The center that we worked with reached out to us to make 101 cards in celebration. The actual birthday was in two weeks, so this week, we started by making at least 50 cards. However, this was a group effort between our team and the seniors. With all of us working together, we were able to complete 50 cards in an hour. It was really fun too. Seeing the members do something so nice was touching and really sweet to see.

Some of the cards that the members made…. Great job guys!
Look at all those cards!

We will post what happens next week soon, so stay tuned! Please subscribe to hear more about upcoming projects! Have a good day!



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